Thursley Parish Council is responsible for the administration of Thursley Parish on behalf of its parishioners. The Parish Council comes under the next level of Government, Waverley Borough Council, and is within the county of Surrey administered from their central offices in Kingston. As well as these government administrations the Council liaises with many other institutions and other local organisations including Natural England, Surrey Wildlife Trust, The National Trust and other adjoining parishes and town councils.

Members of a Parish Council normally stand for election every four years, with the election being in May 2010 when six members were elected. A seventh member was later co-opted onto the council bringing the complement of members up to the preferred seven.  Vacancies occurring between elections are filled by a process of co-option under procedures in force with the Electoral Office of Waverley Borough Council. Parish Councillors are unpaid volunteers.

The Council employs a Parish Clerk who is responsible for the proper administration of all matters pertaining to the council’s proceedings and is also the Proper Financial Officer.

 Thursley Parish Council responsibilities include:

  • Supervising the expenditure of the Parish Council funds and determining the annual Parish Precept including the administration of the Parish estate.
  • Recommendations for local traffic and road measures including consultation with the Highways Agency regarding the A3 Trunk Road that bisects the parish.
  • Monitoring bridleways, footpaths and pavements within the Parish.
  • Commenting to Waverley Borough Council’s Planning Department on all Planning Applications proposed for execution within Parish boundaries.
  • Reviewing central and local government consultation documents for their potential impact on the Parish.
  • Monitoring crime and policing activities within the Parish.
  • Acting as a conduit to the Borough and County Councils on matters which may affect or be of concern to the Parishioners.
  • Acting as Custodian Trustees of the Village Hall, held in charitable trust since 1963 for the use of the inhabitants of Thursley and the neighbourhood, which is administered and managed by the Committee of Management.


The Parish Council usually meet on the first Tuesday of each month although dates during the summer months may change.  During 2019 there will not be a meeting on 27th August and no meeting during September.     Please check the meeting date schedule. 

Planning Committee meetings may take place at other times if applications need to be considered outside of this timescale.