James Mendelssohn - Chairman

James has lived in the area for almost 30 years and moved into the village in 2008. He is married to Caroline, a long-time resident of Thursley. They are both actively involved in many aspects of village life and believe strongly in the need to maintain our heritage whilst recognising the need to plan for the future.  In his business life, he is the Chairman of a global network of independent, mid-sized, law and accounting firms; provides consultancy services to a number of professional services firms, and chairs a charity focusing on the provision of education in South Africa.

Responsibilities: PC Chairman, Planning Committee Member, Stand In (all areas)

Contact Details: Telephone 07941 507753 / email:

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Peter Hunter - Vice Chair

Peter was born in London and grew up in Kensington. Though having been educated as a mechanical engineer he spent an equal proportion of his time involved with matters electrical and has lived and worked in the international arena since the late 70s. Peter turned to ‘commercial engineering’ when he moved to Denmark in 1975 where he was responsible for the company’s business in the Middle East. He married his wife, Susanne, in Denmark in 1981. With their children Louisa & Kristian, they moved to Thursley when they left Bahrain in 1987 and have enjoyed the local environs and community ever since.

Responsibilities: Planning Committee Member, Highways, Superfast Broadband & Defibrillators

Contact Details: Telephone (01252) 702165 / email:

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Sean Edwards

Sean grew up on a Thursley farm and attended the village school. After a period in Africa he obtained a B.Sc. at London and Ph.D. at the University of Wales, and then worked as a senior lecturer in botany at Manchester University. His parents lived in Thursley until 1998 and so he and his wife Salosh, whom he met in London in 1967, have maintained roots and interests here. Despite all efforts to the contrary, they ended up retiring here in 2004. Sean is active in the History and Horticultural Societies, and joined the Parish Council in 2008.



Responsibilities: Planning Committee Member, Thursley Advisory Group (Natural England NNR),HUG Representative, The Clump, MOD Liaison and Conservation

Contact Details: Telephone (01252) 702890 / email: 

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Helen Flavell

Helen was born in Harrogate and spent much of her early life in Cheltenham. She has lived in Thursley since 2008. She is married to Leon and has two sons, Jake and William.

For most of her professional career, Helen has worked as a property development solicitor for a large, City of London firm. Her role consisted largely of site assembly and project funding with considerable overlap in the areas of construction and planning law.

Her interests include playing tennis, horticulture and life in Thursley.

Responsibilities:  to be confirmed

Contact Details: Telephone 01428 683543  / email:

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John Luff


John served an engineering apprenticeship with Weyburn Engineering, Elstead, eventually becoming a draughtsman there, before joining a municipal vehicle manufacturer on sales.  He became Export Sales Director at the same company, establishing an agency network throughout Europe and North Africa until 1987.  After some years managing a factory in Natal, South Africa, he spent the remaining years before retirement with an aircraft recovery equipment manufacturer..



Responsibilities: Planning Committee Member, Warren Park, Village Hall Liaison

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Jackie Malton

Jackie has lived in the beautiful village of Thursley for 10 years and feels privileged to be a resident here, especially when walking on the stunning Thursley Common. Her job took her to the darker side of life, having spent nearly thirty years as a senior detective in the Metropolitan Police, and later as a story consultant on TV police shows. Jackie is also a trained addiction counsellor and runs groups in prisons. Jackie is responsible for 'policing' the footpaths that surround Thursley and Chair of the Planning Committee. She very much enjoys being part of the village, and finds being a Parish Councillor very fulfilling.


Responsibilities: Chair of Planning Committee, Police Liaison, Thursley Advisory Group (NNR), Firewise, Footpaths, 

Contact Details: Telephone (01252) 706707 / email: 

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John Swift 

.John was born in Kenya and came to England in the 60’s where he grew up in St Albans.  He married, and lived in South Cambridgeshire where his 3 children were born, but moved to Surrey in 1991, living initially in Beacon Hill.  In 1998, the family moved to Bowlhead Green. John qualified as a Chemical Engineer and worked in the contracting and process licensing industry since graduation in the 70’s.  He is now enjoying retirement in beautiful Surrey.  He is interested in the environment, gardening and dog walking! 



Responsibilities: Planning Committee Member, Bowlhead Green, Superfast Broadband, Highways, Finance

Contact Details: Telephone (01428) 685120 / email: 

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